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Child Support, Child Custody, & Divorce Attorneys in Severna Park, MD

You don't have to navigate through complex legal issues on your own. At our law firm in Severna Park, Maryland, we provide comprehensive family law and business law services.

Family Law

The attorneys at Warfield & Darrah are an experienced team of litigation attorneys with more than 30 plus years of combined experience serving all communities of Anne Arundel County and conveniently located in Severna Park, MD.

When faced with a marital separation, a pending claim for divorce, ongoing custody disputes, disputed property division or disputed claims for spousal support or child support look to the attorneys at Warfield & Darrah. We offer our clients guidance and aggressive representation during their most difficult moments. We offer a free initial 1⁄2 hour consultation.

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Our family law attorneys also handle the preparation of Property Settlement Agreements and Pre Nuptial Agreements to secure an amicable resolution of matters often providing these agreements for agreed upon flat fees. If your spouse or former spouse is not following the terms of any prior agreement or court order, we will help you secure your rights to enforce the terms of your existing order or agreement. If matters cannot be amicably resolved, the Severna Park litigation attorneys of Warfield & Darrah will handle your lawsuit with the skill derived from decades of trial experience in all areas of family law, whether divorce, property division, custody, visitation or support.

If you are considering mediation, you can confidently seek out the attorneys of Warfield & Darrah for we provide skilled representation through out the mediation process. The Severna Park MD custody and divorce litigation attorneys at Warfield & Darrah appear in all courts through out the State of Maryland handling all phases of court proceedings from your initial scheduling or settlement conference with the Court to trial. We provide representation all protective order and peace order proceedings. Our attorneys hold top ratings for their skill and professionalism with an “AV” rating from Martindale Hubbell and leading lawyer and rising star recognitions.

Your divorce attorneys in Severna Park

At the law office of Warfield & Darrah you have found your divorce attorneys in Severna Park. Paula J. Darrah is a highly regarded family law attorney with more than 30 years of experience. We serve the Severna Park, Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Pasadena communities plus families located in Howard County, Prince Georges County, and many other surrounding jurisdictions. Warfield & Darrah offers a free ½ initial consultation. The Severna Park divorce attorneys at Warfield & Darrah are ready to provide exceptional service to you, our clients. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the court system and helping them resolve their family law disputes.

When you hire the law office of Warfield & Darrah you hire experienced family law attorneys who are ready to provide personal attention to your legal needs in the areas of divorce, custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and property distribution. As your divorce attorneys in Severna Park, we recognize our clients particular needs as they face the challenging days of a separation and end to a marriage. We can answer your questions when you face the difficult task of parenting and supporting children in separate homes. The changing economy has created many dilemmas in the area of family law. The law office of Warfield & Darrah can be your advocate as you chart a path forward.

We are proud of our team at Warfield & Darrah and you have found your divorce attorneys at Warfield & Darrah.

Your divorce attorneys in Severna Park focus on the details.

We are ready to protect your interests in a divorce proceeding and we will secure a fair share of the marital assets. As your divorce attorneys in Severna Park, we focus on the details. Let us advocate for your interests and handle the legal issues which are essential for your future. We will discuss your house, your financial obligations, matters of asset distributions, pension divisions along with custody, visitation and support concerns.

We are ready to be your strongest advocate in court but recognize that negotiations or mediation can be the correct path for many families. Whether your family law case is complex or can be easily resolved, it is important to hire a divorce attorney, your divorce attorney, who can handle all phases. With confidence, we will provide thoughtful and skilled representation in mediation or in settlement negotiations. The property distribution you seek will require skill, attention to detail, and a command of the essential facts. The attorneys at Warfield & Darrah are ready to act as that advocate.

If you can resolve your legal issues amicably, we can prepare your agreement. Your divorce case is not a one size fits all, and our representation and the agreements we prepare for our clients are not one size fits all. We will prepare an agreement (usually for an agreed upon flat fee) tailored to your case, your assets, and above all, Warfield & Darrah will prepare an agreement which offers essential protection of all legal needs and interests.

Let us answer your custody, visitation and support questions.

When you need an advocate for your family, the Severna Park divorce attorneys at Warfield & Darrah can secure an outcome which benefits the children whether it is the best access schedule, custody, visitation or support. Our knowledgeable attorneys can answer your questions, so you can be confident that you're getting the best possible representation.

Your divorce attorneys in Severna Park can handle all your legal needs.

If we can help you with an adoption or name change, or simple will, the attorneys at Warfield & Darrah can help.

We represent our clients in protective order proceedings or peace orders. If you are contemplating a remarriage or have accumulated significant assets prior to your contemplated marriage, the attorneys at Warfield & Darrah can prepare your pre-nuptial or ante nuptial agreement.

Protecting your assets before a marriage can be as important as protection of assets during a separation or divorce.

As a full service law firm, we provide representation in business matters, real estate, entity formation, and general litigation in all district and circuit courts. Robert W. Warfield has provided legal representation in real estate, contract matters, business formation, will and estates and all general business matters for more than 40 years.
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